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"Brought my week oodles of joy"

-The Guardian



Learning to


In 2003, Misha came to America with her family. Beginner trails the 24 year old Pakistani-American immigrant, as she learns to do the things she never did as a kid, and that are integral parts of an American childhood. Like riding a bike.

Since its release in January 2017, Beginner has climbed to the top 50 society & culture and top 200 shows on Apple Podcasts. It has been featured on the Apple homepage, as a "buzzworthy podcast" on Spotify, trended at #2 on Pocket Casts behind Pod Save America, been written about in The Guardian and shared on NPR's The Big Listen.





Beginner is created and produced by Misha Euceph. This podcast is possible because of Sammy Miller, Lyra Smith, Lisa Pollak, Jonah Bromwich, Max Raskin, Laura Sim, Issa Euceph, Devon Taylor, Maddy Russell-Shapiro, and Robin Miniter.

Special thanks to Euceph Ahmed, Sajeela Euceph, Noor Euceph, Emily Kane Miller, Nate Miller, Julie Miller, Gary Wexler, Micah Wexler, Emily Arrow, Yara Nasrallah, Martina DaSilva, Ayesha Shatzer, Frank Shatzer, and Sophia Shatzer for their appearances. 

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